julio 24, 2009

why do people feel quilified for this???

i am very concerned with the behavior some people are showing in some blogs, or articles about MJ, yeah i undertand people is tired of the coverage his death is getting and saying stuff like, "oh why they don´t talk about the troops and the casualties there", who says no one is concerned about that? of course we are, and totally thank them for our freedom??? they haven´t found a single person linked to the 9/11 attacks, so pretty much they were sent to just get killed, oh well, they have helped people there, so that is what we should celebrate, their kind heart and be sorry cause they are getting killed at the expenses of some others...
i also find it very odd that people writes that MJ was not a role model, that he was a freak, weirdo and a pedophile...it amazes me cause nobody has ever been there with him and actually confirm anything, yes he was different but that doesn´t automatically makes him a monster, the fact here is that he isolated himself every time he got word tabloids printed super nasty stuff about him, he was trying to appear less in public so sensationalist tabloids would not talk but instead they started building lies about him....imagine yourself in that situation in you community, school or work place....that is hell.
so now we have that he molested kids, just because he was close to kids and didn´t have malice, yeah some people find it hard to believe but he was very innocent....one day i was watching thriller and you can see that at the start there is a comment about his beliefs, like why did he have to apologize??? but he did because he was a gentleman, yes a gentleman...and ever since i have memory of watching entertainment news, etc, i have never heard him trash someone...well tommy motola but that was one in a million!!!!.
he was eccentric but all celebrities are.
now, people point that he was a junkie and that he got what he deserved, but then jim morrison, jimi hendrix, janis joplin, elvis presley, kurt cobain, john bonham, nick drake, dee dee ramone, sid vicious, etc (and those are only in the music field) are junkies AND should not be venerated....but ohhhh they are, then WHYYYYY people feel the right to trash MJ´s fans and tll them they are fools when they idolize some pretty weird, eccentric, and tortured souls themselves???
at least MJ spreaded equality, love and respect and the world sure got the message because he is the greatest entertainer that has ever walked on earth...i realized that the moment he died cause the world literally stoped....i just hope he gets to rest in peace and his family finds closure...and to all the musicians above, i respect as well but it just took one thin, energetic, and charismatic man to get it all.....RIP MJ

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