junio 28, 2009

a letter of despair

have you all ever wanted something with a lot of desire but can´t have it?

it happened to me about four years ago when i was a senior in high school, i was so into fashion, and i mean i WAS.

everything i saw on magazines i wanted it and sometimes got them

given the fact that i am a working class person with at the time a part-time job and my parents in no disposition of given me money to buy stuff i didn´t need.

one day in my spanish class the teacher asked us to make a collage of the things we wanted to have, so it was easy for me to start looking at my magazines, that´s when i found myself wanting a lot of MATERIAL things that at some point i felt bad, bad because i spent hours of my days idealizing myself being someone i definetely was not.

im not saying that being interested in fashion, buying expensive clothes/shoes/accesories/cars/houses, etc is wrong....no no!!!! the thing is that i was consumed by something i was not gonna be.

then i started college and all of a sudden my priorities started to change

i loved to just spend time with my friends and family, i found out that i loved music more than i ever knew and i still love fashion but i try to not make that my priority

i better "advise" friends and tell them what may look good on them or tell them something is IN before everyone in my town has it (im not joking, it has happened to me).

BUT yeah there´s always a but, i was looking at the stuff i still have from high school and then this thing hit me....when i saw those shoes i felt i had still love for them

next thing i know, im looking for them on ebay and had no luck.

so this is a call to any woman that feels the need to get rid of a pair of Gucci Bamboo Corset Heels yeah there´s no way but i hope someone will.

i love them in every color but im not gonna lie, the black ones are stunning.

well i hope people find my blog and if they do leave me a link where i can find those shoes because i have been looking but with no luck.....

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